Project Team:
Coastal Domains Research Team: Demetra Katsota (Research initiator & team leader), Konstantinos Petrakos (Research coordinator), Anna Biza (Research associate), Elina Akiozoglou, Maria Alexiou, Stella Andronikou, Christina Athanassiou, Anna Biza, Melina Daskalopoulou, Nikoletta Georgopoulou, Iason Anastasios Giannopoulos, Marios Horsch, Savvas Kakalis, Maria Kalaitzaki, Aimilia Karkoulia, Iro Karoutzou, Stefania Kontinou-Chimou, Iro Levendi, Prokopis Maragkakis, Eleni Nikolaou, Fotis Panagopoulos, Mariadina Papadea, Filippos Papadopoulos, Aliki Papamichalopoulou, Aikaterina Ritsoni, Katerina Roussou, Theodora Serdari, Karina Smagulova, Konstantina Anna Sofianidi, Aggeliki Stakia, Ioanna Trikogia, Alexandros Tzoutsas, Athina Xenouli, Alexandra Zachariadi (Research team members) Installation & Publication Design Team: buerger katsota architects/ Stephan Buerger, Demetra Katsota with Anna Biza, Savvas Kakalis, Alexandros Tzoutsas

The Coastal Domains installation gives snapshots of an on-going design research process envisioning possible futures for the coastal territories of the Northeastern Mediterranean. These futures are presented in the form of sixteen books. The visitors reveal the content of the research by physically engaging with the artefacts. Coastal Domains is a multiyear collaborative research and education project at the University of Patras. It includes multiple case studies initiated on 1.0 x 1.0km coastal contexts. Through systematic mapping analysis, data collection and recording, the initiative is exploring, unveiling and assessing poignant contemporary issues of coastal development, tourism, environment, even education and employment, envisioning cohesive strategies for the design and management of a more sustainable, future Mediterranean. 

Coastal Domains'  assembled works operate and broadcast in the form of atlases, panoramas, and an online platform. The atlases constitute cartographic, drawing and data archives of geographical, territorial, morphological, ecological conditions and transformations of various infrastructural, wetland, urbanised coastal contexts at present time. The panoramas are tactical programmatic and design speculations for managing ecological, urban, socio-economic challenges in a possible future. The online platform ( is an archive and networking tool to consolidate, link and make public academic research and activities, design projects, references and data.

Mosaic of sites, Coastal Domains, 2017