Algorithmic Society

The ongoing economic crisis and the unemployment, the refugees’ issue and intolerance are all matters that current social structures have severe difficulties to face. Within this context, questions emerge about the sustainability of the contemporary cities, but also for the possible forms of organization that could prevail, or emerge. What happens when the limits of a society become more and more rigid? How will the anthropogeography of the cities evolve? Which role will the algorithmic systems and structures play?

The speculations presented as part of the exhibition balance between possible dystopias and utopias. Scenarios of increased surveillance, and stories of cities being abandoned, are complemented by hypotheses of unexpected alternatives. New forms of assemblage and cooperation are introduced as responses to the impasses of the contemporary world. New population groups appear as the ones that possibly can assist in the acknowledgement of heterogeneous identities, and in creating the conditions of co-existence and balance.