The Kitty AI: Artificial Intelligence for Governance

Pinar Yoldas


What if political governance were replaced by one speaking kitten AI?

The year is 2039. After years of political turmoil catalysed by R-Crisis EMEA, a refugee crisis triggered by war and the detrimental effects of climate change, the incompetence of the political elites to generate and retain trust in the populations becomes ever more obvious. Politicians across Europe and EMEA countries fail to serve the sentient human.

One pioneering neuro-engineer develops an artificially intelligent and–for the first time–feeling virtual being. Kitty AIis an artificial intelligence with the affective capacities of a cat who can love up to 3 million people. The AI not only carries the tasks of a governor; it also takes care of its citizens at a personal level. It takes care of garbage disposal, makes sure your children get to school safely and drink clean water. She/he/it manages the citie's household budget, and maintains diplomatic relations with both physical and virtual leaders of the world.

This speculative future scenario is inspired by the Black Mirror episode "TheWaldo Moment,” where a cartoon character becomes a presidential candidate, an idea that seems less absurd considering the political developments of 2016/2017. German author Leif Randt’s novel Planet Magnon enfolds a narrative in which computers run an entire galaxy, a concept that is supported by the emerging field of Global Systems Science.