Post-natural Environments

The term ‘post-nature’ makes one curious but also anxious. Why post-nature? What does the term imply? The way one perceives the natural environment undoubtedly depends on the relation they develop with it. Today’s sprawl of the cities as well as the acceleration of technological development makes the human imprint on the planet more and more visible. So, what changed to what we knew so far as natural environment, and what is foreshadowed for its future?

The exhibition hosts future landscapes capturing the ecological consequences of our contemporary way of living as well as scenarios for techno-natural environments that are developed, modified and controlled by the human. Different hypotheses are presented for the ways new systems and technologies can be used in order to balance the exploitation of natural resources, or to empower living organisms. Avoiding dystopian, or post-apocalyptic scenarios, the focus on post-natural environments aims for a new bridging between the artificial and the natural. At the same time, the projects underline the existence of the deep, geological time of the Earth, and the intertwining relationship between human and nature.