Cave for an Unknown Traveler

Aristide Antonas


Project Team:
Aristide Antonas with Katerina Grigoropoulou, Katerina Koutsogianni, Yannikos Vassiloulis

The Cave for an Unknown Traveler is an installation composed as a scenario for a ‘fake archaic cave,’ which is nevertheless equipped with the infrastructural luxury of a modern hotel room. It is organized with a tartan floor in the color of the ground, an open-air sink, toilet and shower, a diligently hidden infrastructure, an elementary space for storage, and a simple bed lying under a concrete vault. The setting brings some of the accessories of a hotel room to the natural environment of a deserted island. A system of such distant caves creates a complex equivalent to a ‘natural hotel.' The natural hotel is completed with a system of invisible services. There are plenty of them, yet all meticulously veiled. The Cave for an Unknown Traveler gives the possibility of a supposedly isolated stay in a deserted island, while this is only supported as a scenographic condition.

Cave for an Unknown Traveler, Aristide Antonas, 2017