Feral Remnants ( Dog )

Manolis Daskalakis-Lemos


Project Team:
Manolis Daskalakis-Lemos, Ori


Feral Remnants (Dog) offers a poetic projection onto a further future with no human presence in sight. The work is a multimedia installation consisting of a metal tank filled with black oil and an HD video with an original music score. The video features a purebred Samoyed dog being shot wandering in an empty environment in slow motion. The musical score (Medieval, 2016, composed by Ori, the artist’s rock trio) creates a certain dystopic heavy atmosphere, yet the screaming voice evokes a sense of riot. No human is to be seen. The dog is reversely projected onto the wall screen, and distortedly reflected on the petroleum which trembles according to the bass sequences of the music. Petroleum evokes the silent hope of discovering oil under the Greek territory, while also stands as a symbol of a pragmatic vision of tomorrow and a blurry dysfunctional dream. The modernist design of the iron tank refers to an idealistic envisaging of the future, while the sculpture mediates the viewing of the abstract and poetic image of the dog. However, the work inevitably describes a future where the lonely dog runs loose in an environment where humans are extinct. Depending on the interpretation of the installation, the viewer is left with an ambivalent sense of melancholia or a certain spark of promise about the future.
Courtesy of CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery