Hello! My name is B _ _ o _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _d _ y _ _ and I am here to abduct the f_ _ _ut_ _ u_ _ _ _ _ _ re_ _ _

Vassiliea Stylianidou


Project Team:
Vassiliea Stylianidou with Lorenz Erdmann (sound design/multichannel mix/mastering, sound editing); nanavongestern (choir arrangement); Nana, Jamie Diker, Ria Klug and FOR AN ANONYMOUS FUGITIVE AUTHOR (vocals/narration); Frank Wismar (production assistant); Studio Merrrz*bau@STUD Ovisits (performative rehearsals/sound recording); Lann Hornscheidt, Ria Klug, Tucké Royale, Jayrôme C. Robinet, FOR AN ANONYMOUS FUGITIVE AUTHOR (text contributions); TRIQ, TransInterQueer e.V. Berlin and The Vocal Coach Berlin (Joep Hegger); Stephen Naude, Konstantin Matsoukas (translations, editing)


Hello! My name is B_ _ o _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _d _ y _ _ and I am here to abduct thef_ _ _ut_ _ u_ _ _ _ _ _ re_ _ _ is a polyphonic–both real and fictitious–discussion between five persons and one Alien-Narrator. The project poses as its starting point the question of the relation between the body, gender, language and the future. More specifically, it explores the political dimension of trans* /inter*/ non binary /de-gendered identities and their relation to language and their visions about the future.

The discussion begins with following assumptions and inquiries:

We cannot speak about the future without first speaking about gender. And we cannot speak about gender without modifying the language in which we speak and feel and understand and love one another. The future–if something like this exists–passes necessarily through the de/re- construction of language. Language becomes not just the means but the body itself. How is this possible? Is a gender transition possible only through language?

The project proposes to design a new language of the future for the trans*/inter*/ non-binary / de-gendered body. For the body who wants to construct /form a new identity. Or even a language for the erasure of identity.